Utah Climbing

Date Thu 07 March 2013

Most of my Utah adventures, aside from snowboarding, take place in the small desert town of Moab. My last trip there was in 2011 with Kate. We flew to Salt Lake and spent a few days snowboarding. Then we packed up and made the 4 hour drive to Moab, where it was 800F and sunny.

I’d been to Salt Lake several times, but this was my first trip out to the desert. We had a few of the easier intro-to-desert climbs picked out. First up was the South Six Shooter Tower, an hour or so south of Moab. That's the tower on the left next to the North Six Shooter.

It's hard judge perspective from this picture, but those towers are huge! The ...

New Jersey Climbing

Date Wed 18 July 2012

Not to far from me is the Delaware Water Gap which spans the boarder of NJ and PA. And on the NJ side is home to Mt.Tammany, which offers some fun and adventurous multi-pitch trad climbing. Just one picture for now but I hope to have a lot more soon.


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