Full wave rectifier

Date Sun 27 July 2014

I has someone ask me about AC power and how to get a constant DC supply out of it. I though I’d do a quick write up on how a bridge rectifier works and get a little bit more experience modeling circuits in the process.

For this example I’m showing the full wave rectifier. There’s also something called a half wave rectifier but the idea is essentially the same. The AC supply that comes out of your outlet in your house is 120V and 60Hz (in the US at least). Here’s a graph of what the voltage looks like that looks like over time. The time scale on this graph is 100ms or 0.1sec.


This graph shows the voltage varying from +120V to -120V in a sine wave just like it should be. The time between peaks on the graph is 16.66ms which will give you exactly 60 peaks per second (or 60Hz). In order to get a DC voltage from this we ...


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