Balancing Robot on

Date Mon 25 June 2012

My balancing robot made it on Hackaday and got featured on Thingiverse!.

Balancing Robot

Date Sun 27 May 2012

The goal of this project is to make a self balancing robot, also called an inverted pendulum. The basic idea is that you have a mass located above its pivot point. This causes the robot to be unstable, and without any help, it will quickly fall over. Sensors on the robot will take acceleration and gyroscope measurements, which are sent to a control algorithm. As the robot starts to fall, the control algorithm will send a signal to the motor, telling it which direction and how much to move in order to keep the robot upright. This project involves a huge range of knowledge from mathematics, mechanics, and programming. And as I've quickly learned, the theory is a lot more complex than I originally thought. When I set out to make this robot, I decided to work towards a few specific goals:

  1. Keep the cost as low as possible ...


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